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About Team Focus

We are a young firm with a handful of extremely talented professionals providing a one-stop solution for all Staffing and Recruitment needs of our clients. We believe in prompt and transparent services to endure business relationships, which are our most valuable assets.

Our sourcing experts dedicate their time probing and picking hundreds of Candidates Resumes to shortlist the most suitable ones for the positions offered. The shortlisted ones go through another level of filtering by Senior Recruiters before it gets selected for submission. This multi-level technique ensures quality of the Candidates.

TeamFocus Our mission

  • To attain a Self Sustaining business model.
  • To be a reliable & dependable resource for Clients.
  • To be a reasonably best Employer for our Employees.


  • To hold a Diverse portfolio of HR Services & Clientele.
  • To acquire a strategic position in the Recruitment Industry.


TeamFocus Why Team Focus

  • We are ‘Easy to work with’.
  • We strive on quick 'Turn Around Times'.
  • We have a Diversified portfolio to serve all positions.
  • We have Dedicated Consultants.
  • We incur No cost until candidate is hired.
  • We provide a 90 day replacement guarantee.
  • We believe our Team focus is on finding the right people for our clients with a view to establish long-term beneficial relationships.
for Employers

Here is a 5 step outline of what you can expect when you work with us to recruit a new employee:-

  • 01 Process Initiation & meeting to gather your requirements.
  • 02 Follow up discussion & our search techniques explained.
  • 03 Final Line-up & Interview Schedule.
  • 04 Post Interview & Negotiations.
  • 05 Post Offer and post joining 90 day follow up..

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Permanent Staffing
Our strong team of consultants is dedicated to helping your company successfully achieve its business goals in today's dynamic environment. We are completely process driven and ensure that we offer our clients the best candidates in the fastest Turn Around Time & at the best Conversions Ratios.

Temporary or Contract Staffing
If you would like to enjoy the flexibility of building your staff, keeping your projects moving and assisting overloaded employees, Temporary Staffing may be your best option.

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Professional advice can be arranged by providing access to industry-specific specialists /consultants and subject-matter experts from sectors like Finance, IT, Management, HR, Hotel & Hospitality, Advertising, etc.

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for jobseekers
Before using this link, please check the 'Apply Jobs' section first to check our current openings. If you find any suitable jobs then use the 'Apply' button to submit CV, else use this link to submit your CV. Make sure you fill all the fields with your latest information. Do not forget to attach your latest CV with a recent photograph. Your CV will be stored in our database for any future openings. Remember, we always first check our own database whenever new requirements come up before beginning any searches.
Here you may browse our current requirements, apply for the ongoing jobs or refer others for the available openings. Make sure you check this space often as this is the place which might change your course of work life or help you make a quick buck. Click any row on this page to view its Job Description. The JD will drop down, if available.
We are always looking for ordinary people who may turn out to be the path finders for other professionals. We value dedication at work, strong ethics and sincere hard work. With these, all you need is a good communication skill and a little bit of smartness at work. If you feel, you have this or you can scale up to this, send us your details, we'd love to have you on board.



Work For Us

If you are interested to work for us from home, please click here and fill the form and attach your CV, we will get back to you shortly.


However, if you want to work for us at your own pace and time, call us directly or even better just drop in. We will have a quick discussion over a coffee and decide how we can help each other.


Promote Us

If you are well connected, if you know the industry bigwigs and if you are willing to spare a few minutes, then we should meet. Be an integral part of our team with no obligations - just get us new business.

Be it a reference, a potential lead, a one to one meeting or a complete closure of a new client, you can make quick money with the least efforts. Get in touch to be friends with benefits.


Be a Referrer

This is not a 'Refer & Earn' gimmick. 

You can make a GOOD amount of quick money investing just a few minutes every now and then.

Heres how?

Check our current openings here, identify a potential candidate from your contacts? Then click on 'refer', fill and submit the form to refer that person to us. If he/she has not been shortlisted by us, we will process it as your 'referral'. Either way, you will hear from us within 2 business days with further details. If he/she gets selected and joins work, we pay you the 'Referral Money' confirmed in our email.


Regd. Office Address

Teamfocus Corporate Solutions LLP

No. 18, Level 3, Kalpatharu Tower,
Outer Ring Road, Banaswadi,
Bangalore 560 043 | INDIA
Ph.: (91) 80 6547 4657

Team Focus